Zanego – Fabrizio Prevedello

dispari&dispari / Zanego

Zanego > 31 August 2019 . 6 pm

With the Zanego exhibition by Fabrizio Prevedello, curated by Antonio Grulli, dispari&dispari (Berlin / Reggio Emilia) invites you to the inauguration of its new venue for contemporary art events. The location is located in a fraction of the promontory of Monte Marcello in the province of La Spezia, which is called Zanego. In an age-old forest of oaks, olive trees and Aleppo pines overlooking the Gulf of Poets, an ancient tower used for olive processing has been converted into a workshop to offer artists a unique place in which to work and exhibit. The exhibition venue is the forest located in this area and the territory of the natural park of Monte Marcello that surrounds it. There are no walls or visible boundaries. In this project there is the will to promote a reflection on current issues such as our relationship with the landscape and the ecosystem that surrounds us, in a part of Italy that has always been a source from which artists draw for the creation of their own works. For years the artist Fabrizio Prevedello has developed a work related to sculptural and installation research, especially in relation to the territory and the landscape. In particular, many of his works related to the context of the Apuan Alps both as a subject and as a “material” for their realization. For the occasion, he created a series of new installations designed specifically for this place.

Location: Zanego (SP)
Opening: Saturday 31 August at 17 – 21
From September 1st to October 12th 2019 by appointment only.
For information: 3356097304

Reach the locality of Zanego in the municipality of Ameglia – La Spezia.
Park the car in Piazzale Le Figarole or on the road uphill near the Ameglia road sign and follow the arrows. To reach the site it is necessary to walk a path of 300 meters.

We would like to thank Cardelli & Fontana Artecontemporanea from Sarzana.