Being Sassy – Cullinan Richards

dispari&dispari, announces the opening of his new location for contemporary art events in the city of Berlin with the project ‘Being Sassy’ by the London duo Cullinan Richards.

The exhibition, conceived as a staged event in three acts will present a series of works, installations and situations in constant rotation.

On Saturday 29 September the 1° version of the project Saucy Merx will be staged. A temporary installation with paint cans, plastic piles, painted tablecloths, chips, sauces, bottles of beer, piles of paintings and ceiling chandeliers. Everything is untied.

On Saturday 13 October the 2° version entitled Haulage will be presented. The impact will be that one of a formal exhibition.

On Saturday 17 November is scheduled Fuel the 3° and last version of the project. The classic canons will be subverted in favor of a new temporary installation.

With the ‘Being Sassy’ project, Cullinan Richards intend to reflect on the transitory nature of their work.

dispari&dispari / berlin
Böhmische Str. 11 -12 Neukölln