In order to avoid the spread of COVID-19 and taking into account the particularly widespread nature of the epidemic and the increase of cases on German territory, we decided to close our venue in Berlin and to extend Veronica Brovall's exhibition 'Angle Weight Exude', visible by appointment only.
The exhibition 'Blessing' by Fabrizio Prevedello, scheduled for 21.03.2020, has been postponed.
More information will be provided through the website and our social pages.

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Fabrizio Prevedello

Blessing | Fabrizio Prevedello

- Soon information on the opening date.

dispari&dispari opens 'Blessing' a solo exhibition by Fabrizio Prevedello.
Sculptures in reinforced concrete and slate generate a potential space, a marble diaphragm relates to transparency, while sea sails reflect the passing of the seasons.
Fabrizio Prevedello's works, sculptures and installations, continue to reflect on the relationship between nature and the landscape conditioned by human presence.

dispari&dispari eröffnet die Einzelausstellung 'Blessing' von Fabrizio Prevedello.

Skulpturen aus Stahlbeton und Schiefer erzeugen einen potentiellen Raum, ein Marmor-Diaphragma bezieht sich auf die Transparenz, während die Segel den Lauf der Jahreszeiten widerspiegeln.
Fabrizio Prevedellos Werke, Skulpturen und Installationen, reflektieren weiterhin über die Beziehung zwischen Natur und Landschaft, die durch die Anwesenheit des Menschen bedingt ist.

dispari&dispari inaugura 'Blessing', una mostra personale di Fabrizio Prevedello.
Sculture in cemento armato e ardesia generano uno spazio potenziale, un diaframma in marmo si relaziona con la trasparenza, mentre vele marine riflettono il trascorrere delle stagioni.
Le opere di Fabrizio Prevedello, sculture e installazioni, continuano a riflettere sul rapporto tra la natura e il paesaggio condizionato dalla presenza umana.

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