What Is Cinema – Andrey Silvestrov

dispari&dispari / Berlin, is pleased to announce on Saturday 8 December 2018 at 7 PM, the opening of What Is Cinema, a series of cinema-events curated by Arto Ushan. The first film presented is “Ice Hole” (2017) an ironical portrait of the modern world by the Russian filmmaker Andrey Silvestrov.

“Ice Hole” by Andrey Silvestrov, 2017
The film takes action during one day – the day of orthodox baptism. On this day as a tradition many religious Russians are diving into the ice cold water of the ice-hole. News channels are actively covering these events. Film characters are: Oligarch, Artist, Russian President and Drunkard. Each one of them is becoming TV report figures: the President is trying to find out about the future of Russian Federation from the Pike, the Artist is searching for the fame, the Oligarch is trying to hide his money into the ice-hole and the Alcoholic is searching for his missing wife. In modern world – TV has replaced the realty by itself. Viewer believes in the television and rejects reality that surrounds him. In every home there is a TV-set – in which he dives into the ice-hole of virtual reality. Broadcasters and reporters, heroes and commentators are all talking with verses; this lays emphasis on an absolute absurd of these events. An ironical portrait of the modern world.

On Saturday 8 December 2018 at 7pm join film director Andrey Silvestrov as well as Arto Ushan (What Is Cinema) and Andrea Sassi (dispari&dispari) for the screening and discussion at dispari&dispari, Böhmische Str. 11 -12, Berlin 12055.